OCC Strives to Beat Other Colleges in Rowing

Orange Coast College (OCC) students prepare early for the national rowing competition. At OCC, rowing isn’t just a sport; it’s an activity that allows the students to bond with each other. In preparation for the Nationals held on 25th May, 2017, the rowing team worked hard to ensure that they were ready mentally and physically.


The 22-year old captain of the OCC team, Daniel Amado, believes that rowing makes the participant resilient. It offers skills that can help you deal with any problem. Although David has been away from this sport for several years, he is still enthusiastic about rowing. He plans to join the University of Washington team in the near future.


Since OCC takes rowing seriously, the coaches work hard to prepare the participants. They help the team bond so that they can work harmoniously to win the competition. The assistant coach, Steve Morris, leaves his home early. This allows him to start the training session on time. According to him, the sport of rowing is an art that requires everyone to maintain rhythm.


Any disruption in rhythm can slow down the boat. The men’s senior coach, Cameron Brown, works with Morris to take the sport to the next level. Coach Brown asserted that some team members have become more disciplined and made more friends after they began rowing. He also stated that rowing is one of the best ways to start the day.



About OCC


Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College is one of Orange County’s largest community colleges –in terms of population. It enrolls around 24,000 undergraduates every semester. The institution sits on 164 acres of land in Coasta Mesa. It has grown to become a leading community college in California. OCC is known for offering some of the best academic programs that allow its students to compete with those in other institutions of higher learning.


Orange Coast College transfers many students to the California State University as well as the University of California. What’s more, some of its students go to top universities and private colleges after graduating from the institution. OCC has a great sports culture that enables students to excel in co-curriculum activities.


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