Luiz Carlos Trabuco Sees Big Prize In Being Number One

Few businessmen in Brazil or anywhere else today have the kind of inspirational, Horatio Alger story that Luiz Carlos Trabuco can tell of his rise to the top. Starting from the lowliest job title in his company, he literally worked his way from the absolute bottom to the absolute top of a major banking conglomerate that employs tens of thousands of people. Such stories are so rare that when one comes along, it easily captures the imagination of the public.

But even through Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to engineer his own ascent through the ranks of one of the largest corporations in Brazil, becoming number one in the process, it has yet to be seen if he can or will be able to accomplish the same feat with the corporation that he now leads. Grupo Bradesco has seen its stock price stagnate since Trabuco took over in 2009. And even though the macro economic situation in the country, particularly the stagnant banking industry, is out of the control of Trabuco, there is a great deal that hinges on whether Trabuco will be able to lead the company to become the decisive leader in Brazilian banking or whether it has already reached its apogee and will soon begin a long decline.

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A proven track record of success, in business and in personal achievements

Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his first job when he was just 18 years old in 1959. He was hired at what was then a small, local bank with just a few branches in the small town of Marilia. But he quickly showed aptitude at his job and showed signs of leadership ability. By the late 1960s, he was a branch manager and by the late 1980s, he was a regional manager for what was now a major player in the Brazilian financial space.

In 1992, Trabuco was given his first shot at a genuine executive role. He was appointed president of the firm’s burgeoning financial planning division, a role that he would quickly fill with aplomb. At the time of his appointment, the financial planning division was a small business line, only accounting for a couple percent of the firm’s total revenues. But Trabuco saw big promise in a field that he knew was rapidly becoming a major earner for similar institutions in North America and elsewhere. Concentrating on marketing services to Brazil’s rapidly expanding middle and upper class, Trabuco grew the division into a major source of profits, accounting for more than 25 percent of the company’s total profits by 2003.

In that year, the head of Bradesco’s insurance division was slated to step aside. Again, Trabuco more than double the division’s business volume, being quickly noticed by his higher-ups. This led directly to his promotion to president in 2009.

But as CEO, Trabuco faced steep challenges that he had never before experienced in his career. He inherited a bank that had largely run through all of the legitimate organic growth opportunities that there were in Brazil. The country’s economy was stagnating and there were few new clients to sign up for banking services or financial planning. The only real chance at achieving big growth would be through the use of strategic acquisitions.

After 6 years of somewhat lackluster results, Trabuco became aware that HSBC Brazil was looking to dump all of its assets in the country. He quickly put together an offer of $5.2 billion in cash to purchase the global banking giant’s Brazilian subsidiary in full. The offer was accepted and the deal was closed by the end of 2015.

Many counted this as a major coup for Trabuco and Bradesco as a whole. But others warned that it only amounted to paper growth, not the kind of lasting advantage that comes from offering customers a product with real differentiation. Regardless, Trabuco has turned Bradesco, with one deal, into the most important financial conglomerate in Brazil. And being the effective monopoly in a multi-billion-dollar market is a big prize indeed.

Eric Lefkofsky Began His Adult Life with a Unique Carpet Business

Many people have a lot of unique stories as to how they got their start in business. Eric Lefkofsky is no different, but his journey might be more strange than any other story heard in the past and more information click here.

Eric’s journey began just before he started college. He went through a bad breakup and needed to do something to keep his mind off the situation. However, he did not want to take traditional approaches and go through therapy or anything like that. Eric wanted to make money and thereby keep his mind off the bad breakup and learn more about Eric Lefkofsky.

After speaking with a friend, he was made aware that there was a man wanting to sell lots of carpet. At this point Eric and a long time friend of his were headed to Michigan University. They decided to bring the carpet with them and get a license to sell it on the street. From the first day on campus Eric began to make thousands of dollars every month selling carpet on the street.

He was brought a new truck filled with carpet on weekly basis. Eric new business was his calling. He was also happy that all the time spent getting started in this business did indeed keep his mind off he bad breakup. Eric was actually convinced that the breakup was meant to be and happened at the perfect time. If the breakup did not happen, Eric does not believe he would have been a success in the world of business and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

After finishing his studies at Michigan University, Eric Lefkofsky decided to go to law school. He continued with the carpet business until the day he took the Bar Exam. At that point Eric believed it was time to start an official business. With a several year period, Eric and his team purchased several different businesses. Some of these businesses were a success and some were not, but all of them were lessons.

Eric soon observed the potential in the market of technology. At that time, which was the late 90’s, not many people were investing in technology, but Eric knew that would soon change. After investing money and time into the business side of technology, Eric Lefkofsky has become the biggest entrepreneur in the field of business technology.

Hospitals and patients alike are benefiting from the discoveries and investments made by Eric Lefkofsky. One of the biggest discoveries is Eric’s amazing business called Tempus. Tempus is the mix of advanced technology on the back of high-educated business principles.

Eric Lefkofsky now has a hefty presence in the world of social media. His is constantly posting works of knowledge and encouragement on a daily basis. Additionally, Eric has given talks at the most prestigious universities in the United States and around the world. Eric constantly posts these talks on social media to try and encourage people to follow their dreams regardless of their situation.

Eric Lefkofsky is also known for starting several different fundraisers through social media. The fundraisers Eric has worked on were for several different reasons, but all of them were situations that touched him emotionally and spiritually. When it comes to fundraisers, Eric makes sure that every dollar he raises goes straight to the cause he is fighting for, and he displays this to the world. He does this because he has seen many people run fundraisers for their own pockets.

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OCC Strives to Beat Other Colleges in Rowing

Orange Coast College (OCC) students prepare early for the national rowing competition. At OCC, rowing isn’t just a sport; it’s an activity that allows the students to bond with each other. In preparation for the Nationals held on 25th May, 2017, the rowing team worked hard to ensure that they were ready mentally and physically.


The 22-year old captain of the OCC team, Daniel Amado, believes that rowing makes the participant resilient. It offers skills that can help you deal with any problem. Although David has been away from this sport for several years, he is still enthusiastic about rowing. He plans to join the University of Washington team in the near future.


Since OCC takes rowing seriously, the coaches work hard to prepare the participants. They help the team bond so that they can work harmoniously to win the competition. The assistant coach, Steve Morris, leaves his home early. This allows him to start the training session on time. According to him, the sport of rowing is an art that requires everyone to maintain rhythm.


Any disruption in rhythm can slow down the boat. The men’s senior coach, Cameron Brown, works with Morris to take the sport to the next level. Coach Brown asserted that some team members have become more disciplined and made more friends after they began rowing. He also stated that rowing is one of the best ways to start the day.



About OCC


Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College is one of Orange County’s largest community colleges –in terms of population. It enrolls around 24,000 undergraduates every semester. The institution sits on 164 acres of land in Coasta Mesa. It has grown to become a leading community college in California. OCC is known for offering some of the best academic programs that allow its students to compete with those in other institutions of higher learning.


Orange Coast College transfers many students to the California State University as well as the University of California. What’s more, some of its students go to top universities and private colleges after graduating from the institution. OCC has a great sports culture that enables students to excel in co-curriculum activities.


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Bob Reina Impacting Lives through HuffPost

Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the world’s leading provider of video marketing solutions. The firm’s main aim is to help businesses grow and transform lives through the patent-pending video technology. Their products are available in more than 140 countries worldwide. They use unique criteria in marketing their products.

Talk Fusion is an active philanthropist. It fosters a great commitment to giving back to the community, family, friends, as well as animal charities across the globe. The firm is legendary as it introduced the first instant pay compensation plan in the world. According to Reina, success comes hand in hand with responsibility. Learn more:

Bob Reina has been in the video marketing and direct sales industries for more than two decades. He has an appealing perspective to the ever evolving news platform. Reina posted two new articles a day before and a day after the Huffington Post was rebranded HuffPost. HuffPost did not only change its name but also its mission. Learn more:

According to the Editor in Chief of HuffPost, Lydia Polgreen, the company aims to post stories of people who have been forgotten. HuffPost’s new initiative is in line with Reina’s mission as a contributor and as the head of Talk Fusion. According to Reina, the growth of a brand is never complete there is always room for improvement. He believes in the art of innovation.

Reina’s articles are a clear illustration that one of his main goals is to inspire people to succeed, despite their geographical location or the situations they have been through. His position as a leader and a philanthropist has placed him in a better position to motivate people. Reina started contributing on HuffPost since August 2016. He specializes in the fields of entrepreneurship, lifestyle, video technology and marketing trends, skilful selling, as well as self-development. Learn more:

Reina was pleased with the reformations on HuffPost as well as the reformation on the trending platform. With the re-launch of the brand, HuffPost is now focused on the issues that matter such as fulfillment and culture. Reina is looking forward to sharing more intuitive articles not only with his associates and clients but also with the approximate 200 million HuffPost’s readers. Learn more:

Expert Advice New Investors Can’t Ignore

When people start considering retirement, they of course wonder over their potential to survive on their existing nest egg. This is what gets many people to consider investing for the first time. In an effort to learn just how they should begin, many turn to successful investor Warren Buffet in search of advice. But not everyone agrees this is the right move.

One of Buffett’s favorite pieces of advice points new investors to the S&P 500 passive index fund. It’s relatively affordable to buy in to, volatility is low, and in the current bear market it’s a safe way to see modest but continuous returns. Fellow investor Tim Armour says this is the wrong way new investors should think about investing for the first time and learn more about Timothy.

It would be pointless to claim Buffett isn’t successful at reading the market, but Timothy Armour suggests he, and many other investors, aren’t accounting for the unusual length of the current bear market. It simply cannot last for ever, and making returns on investments in even the most difficult environments should always be the primary concern for an investor regardless of experience. So what is a newcomer to do?

Instead of looking for passivity, Armour argues that they should instead focus on how much they are expected to pay in fund expenses. This is where predatory ventures capture unsuspecting investors. And a way to find a sound fund and invest with some confidence is to look to how much the manager of that venture is personally invested and read full article.

By focusing on these two elements, Armour has confidently been able to maintain a steady rate of returns regardless of the overall state of the stock market. According to thousands of funds he’s managed, Armour boasts a consistent 1.47% higher rate of return than benchmark averages after fund expenses were covered and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College in 1983 and took his education in economics to Capital Group Companies.

After 30 years working in finance as an investor and manager, Armour went on to become Capital Research and Management Company’s Director, Chairman, and Principal Executive Officer.

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Securus Technologies – Crafting the Future of Inmate Communication and Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is a prominent name in the field of inmate communications and has developed some of the cutting edge technologies to help the inmates communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis without spending a fortune. The company has been in the business of inmate communications and prison technology for close to thirty years and has a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t in this sector. It is what helps Securus Technologies to come up with a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products and services that are far more superior to what the competitors provide.


The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are also more affordable than what the competitors’ offer, which is why they are preferred by many correctional agencies across Canada and the United States of America. Presently, around a million prisoners and close to 2,600 correctional facilities are using the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. The number is expected to rise in the years to come as the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, plans massive expansion move. The company also recently announced that it had spent more than $600 million in the last three years for patent acquisition and research and development. It is what has helped the company to develop products and services that are superior to what the counterparts offer.


Rick Smith said in an interview recently that the company is trying hard to ensure that the future of inmate communications looks great and that not only it becomes more affordable, but also provides for more communication opportunities for the detainees. Apart from the inmate communications and criminal justice technology, the company also provides parolee tracking and government information management solutions. The company recently released a news release online where it shared what the law enforcement officers feel about the company’s services. The law enforcement officers believe that the services offered by Securus Technologies are what would craft the future of inmate communications and crime prevention technology in the future.


Sweetgreen Restaurants Add to a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy has become a central component of many people’s lives, but finding a restaurant that helps that goal, not hurt it, is not always easy. That’s why Sweetgreen’s two CEOs and founders made sure that their high end salad chain offered fresh, locally grown, organic ingredients in all of their meals. Learn more:


Co-CEOs Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet were classmates at Georgetown University. They took an entrepreneurial class together, and noticed that despite demand, there was a lack of healthy restaurants near their campus. When they graduated, they decided to change that. The idea resonated with many; Sweetgreen restaurants attract long lines at all 40 locations.


The Sweetgreen restaurants have also turned the tables on several aspects of restaurant management. Not only have they attracted big name investment from Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, but five times a year, the corporate office closes down so the upper management can go into the restaurants and get a feel for how they operate at the ground level. Learn more:


That level is increasingly high-tech, a result of the 21st century mindset that the restaurants encourage. Thirty percent of Sweetgreen transactions take place through the website or the mobile app. The app is designed to mirror walking into the restaurant with a detailed array of photographs so the customer can clearly see what they are ordering.


The original restaurant is beloved by more than the Georgetown campus. The co-founders knew they would make it when the restaurant weathered the first winter break after the college students went home. Now it has locations in other trendy neighborhoods around the country, where it can serve the lunch crowd but also people wanting a healthy dinner on the go.


Nathanial Ru said that the corporate structure keeps the restaurant chain from becoming too concentrated at the top, and encourages everyone to see and understand how the restaurant business works. The strategy is paying off, the restaurant has been expanding into new locations and gaining attention for its commitment to sustainable, healthy eating for everyone. Learn more:


Co-founder Nathaniel Ru graduated with a Degree in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007, and a few months later he and the other founders started Sweetgreen. In 2010, the partners created “Sweetlife,” which is now the region’s largest music and food festival. It brings in top chefs, musicians, and 20,000 healthy lifestyle aficionados annually.



Samuel Strauch – Leading Entrepreneur And Renowned Real Estate Agent Based In Miami

Samuel Strauch is one of the most renowned real estate agents based in Miami and is the Principal and Founder of Metrik Holdings.

In an interview with the leading CEOCFO Magazine recently, Samuel Strauch talked about his journey into the world of real estate and his vision behind founding Metrik Holdings. He said in the interview that the primary reasons why he started Metrik Holdings, a leading Miami-based real estate agency, is that he saw a growing opportunity in the region.

Samuel mentioned that by the time he opened Metrik Real Estate, he had been in Miami for almost 15 years, which helped him gain experience about the real estate market in the region. Samuel Strauch mentioned in the interview that he knew many people would be interested in investing in the real estate of Miami as the city was developing fast, and for many, it is also opened doors to numerous opportunities in the United States. Samuel Strauch mentioned that he knew many people from the real estate industry and it helped tremendously in setting up Metrik Holdings and getting it up and running.

In the interview, he said that he is investing in many different kinds of real estate ventures as there is a rapid transformation happening in the real estate space. Samuel mentioned that there had been a rapid change in the way people live, work, and travel, and he and his team like to research on these transformational aspects to deliver the kind of real estate products consumers would be attracted to.

For example, Samuel Strauch mentioned that instead of people wanting to rent or buy an entire space for themselves, many freelancers and beginners love to share workspace these days, which is a new concept but catching up fast globally. Similarly, he mentioned that there is a change in the mindset of new age travelers, and many of these travelers are looking for experiences rather than spend a fortune on trivial things. It is these expectations of the consumers today that he aims to carve into the real estate sphere to attract more consumers and deliver projects that are modern, viable, and profitable at the same time. Samuel Strauch has done graduation from Hofstra University and pursued higher education from Erasmus University and Harvard University.

Securus Technology Recognized for its Resourceful Services

In an attempt to help law enforcement to solve and prevent crimes, Securus technology, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, developed a new product or service. In regard to this, they receive several letters and emails from prison officials and a sample of those will be discussed in this article.

A comment is written in gratitude to the service because through information obtained from phone calls, the customer was able to obtain search warrant and from there, the corrupt staff member was arrested for introduction of contraband. In another, the client explained how they got useful information from phone calls that revealed how inmates were involved in consumption of alcohol, sale of drugs, suspicious transfer of money, use of cell-phones and details of how a civilian was involved in selling prescription drugs at a discount. Another comment was left to acknowledge the work done through Securus Technology that the prison correction service heavily relied on and in that way, helped to revolutionize the prison environment, as well improve the safety of the nation.

In another comment, Securus’ vision was applauded as it was in synchrony with the prisons’ aggressive investigative nature, and that was helpful in development of methods that improve the jail security posture. Additionally, the investigative tool helped in investigating cases of reported harassment or any other threat posed. The Sheriff department was so impressed in the service offered by Securus technology that they admitted without this service, some of the cases involving money and drugs that had been solved would have been completely impossible. In conclusion, all the comments left recognized the services provided to over 3450 law enforcement agencies and more than 1 million inmates in North America. Other services provided include public information, biometric analysis, communication channels and product monitoring.




Central Texas Mobility Region Provides Smart Roads for Successful Economy


Infrastructure plays a key role in determining the state of a country’s economy. While easy to access roads equal smooth business operations, difficult to access roads substantiate to delays in business resulting to paralyzed economy.

That is why, while most transit deliberations in Austin capitalize on the city, the norm took a turn by introducing a meeting dubbed Growth Summit for transport discussions. The meeting offered a platform to highlight transportation challenges in the suburbs of Williamson.


The summit hosted officials from the Authority of Texas Regional Mobility like Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director. He was accompanied by the founder of Uber Technologies Inc, Mr. Joseph Kosper, Jared Ficklin, head of Agro Designs and Leandre Johns, director of external affairs in Texas.

The meeting was held at Sheraton Hotel in Georgetown Texas. The discussion capitalized on how technology has succeeded in transforming infrastructure across the world. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:


Mike Heiligenstein said that although technology has introduced driverless cars and transport applications for ease of transport, there was still need for investing in road expansion to accommodate the rising numbers of population in Williamson County. He also highlighted the need for developing smarter roads tailored to the demands of residents. According to Heiligenstein, that is the only way forward to serving mobility needs.

Although Williamson had done a splendid job by structuring infrastructure for over fifteen years, there has been rising population that must be accommodated. It was important for the county officials to invest in developing the roads to accommodate all residents by making them smarter, with large capacity.

Smarter Roads

Asked what policy makers need to improve on for the roads to be capacitated and made smarter, Mr. Alan McGraw said that automated autonomous vehicles demand garages and parking spaces.

He also said that building land codes for residents would ease parking and driving. According to him, the future of garages must consider the sizes of new vehicles. They must be approximately five feet tall with an extra inch taller. The garage should also have multiple charging stations for convenience.

CTMR and Mike

The Mobility of Central Texas Regional Authority exists as an independent agency that was established in 2002. It was created to provide transportation system in Williamson County. The mission of the organization is to implement multiple, revolutionary, transport solutions for ease of movement.

The result is a growing economy with zero to less congestion. The agency focuses on growing economy as well as providing safe road. The organization is chaired by Mike Heiligenstein. Under his leadership, it offers transport solutions for the people of Williamson.