Fabletics Highly Reputed Athleisure Brand With Over a Million Customers Worldwide

There is no way that any company can survive these days if it doesn’t follow the consumers’ opinions for long. The people have the strength of customers’ reviews and social media these days that ensures that the companies don’t get away with inferior products and services for long. Consumers these days engage in elaborate research online before making any purchasing decisions, and thanks to the internet revolution, details and the history of any company are available online.


It is the strength of the companies if they use the power of internet positively to incline the customers’ opinions towards them, but if they do not back their claims or do not provide valuable products and services, customers can also crucify them online through negative reviews. Many other prospective and the existing customers are greatly influenced by those reviews as they do not want to put their hard earned money on a company that does not listen to their customers or fails them by providing inferior products/services.


Fabletics knows that people who can shop online can also do a brief research to check out the reviews of the company they are purchasing from on the web. Thus, they have been a customer-centric enterprise from the very beginning, and every review posted online by the customers are noted and taken into consideration. The negative reviews are acted upon and followed up with the respective clients to ensure their issues and problems are answered and resolved. Such customer service helps in retaining the customers as well as increasing the customers’ loyalty, which is hard to come by in such a competitive industry. Fabletics is an athleisure brand that offers fitness apparel and gear for women and does so at an affordable price. Fabletics has focused on the quality from the very beginning and has quality parameters that the manufactured products need to meet to be circulated in the market.


One of the co-owners of Fabletics is the well-known celebrity Kate Hudson, who has played a pivotal role in the growth of the company in the last few years. She has helped in getting celebrities like Demi Lovato to launch their personality inspired limited collection athleisure wear at Fabletics, which was a hugely famous move that added to the company’s revenue considerably. Kate Hudson believes that the company is not afraid of experimenting or taking risks, which is what separates Fabletics from its competitors.


The inclusion of Big Data in its management strategy has also helped the company to gain considerable insight into how the business is faring and what are the corrective measures that need to be implemented to ensure consistent growth. Kate Hudson has fans around the world, and her collaboration with Fabletics has helped the brand get that much-needed popularity in the fashion market. She ensures that the company’s product designs remain fresh and stylish, which is substantially appreciated by the consumers. Customers can get personalized shopping experience at Fabletics and for the first-timers, it is essential they take the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site to experience how the company offers customized shopping experience.